Collaboratively creating a just & compassionate community

The Wellness Campus strengthens the model of care for individuals who are living and dying on our streets

APC, LifeLong and Project Champions have achieved the following: 

  • Shaped a Wellness Campus, featuring 100 units of permanent Supportive Housing for seniors, a 50-bed high acuity medical respite program, a co-located health clinic, and homelessness prevention services to serve an estimated 700 unhoused Alameda County residents annually
  • Created an integrated model of care, promoting health recovery, recuperative care, stable housing, and palliative and hospice care
  • Attracted funding partnerships with prominent philanthropic and government funding partners
  • Engaged elected officials, community leaders, consumers, neighbors, and healthcare providers in shaping the campus vision
  • Secured site control of a 3.6-acre site next to East Bay Regional Park’s Crab Cove in Alameda, a beautiful shoreline area that is conducive to healing and wellness
Special Election

City of Alameda residents decisively rejected a 2019 ballot initiative aimed at stopping the project. Residents engaged in a dialogue around racial justice homelessness, and the repair of historical harm. The victory is a powerful statement Residents of the City of Alameda demonstrated the power of a community taking a stand to address homelessness and racial injustice county wide. 

stakeholder engagement 

consumers, community leaders, and content experts have been extensively enaganged in project planning, fundraising and architectural design

$15M in funding from State of CA Department of Health Care services

With Senator Skinner’s leadership, the Wellness Campus was awarded $15 million in the 2021-22 State Budget. This funding recognizes alignment between state’s priorities and the projects mission to promote stable housing, health equity and dignified aging among vulnerable populations.

                                                          Decisive Funding

The California Department of Social Services, administrators of the community care expansion (cce) program, has awarded significant funding for the wellness campus. The CCE grant enables APC to cross the finish line for the Permanent supportive housing for unhoused seniors.
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