Bonnie Wolf,

Project Director, Wellness Campus, Alameda Point Collaborative

Bonnie Wolf, Project Director, has collaboratively shaped and led creation of the Wellness Campus since the first moment she and other project leaders recognized the rare opportunity to create a national model of care for unhoused individuals at this beautiful property. Bonnie excels in developing partner relationships, shaping the program vision, overseeing best-practices research, raising capital funding, and convening cross-sector advisory groups. Bonnie considers her leadership role with the Wellness Campus to be one of the deepest honors of her career. Bonnie has an esteemed 30-year career as a senior manager and consultant for nonprofits in the fields of community development, job creation initiatives, affordable housing, youth homelessness programs, and shelters serving domestic violence survivors. In addition to her role with the Wellness Campus, Bonnie provides leadership coaching to social justice activists, community leaders, and service providers, and she has co-led a racial equity initiative in the Albany Unified School District. She has a master’s degree in Urban Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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