APC , LifeLong and Project Champions invite you to 
help complete the final phase of the Medical Respite Center capital campaign

Join us in 
realizing this community  vision

“At The California Endowment, we believe that our health system is performing best when every Californian has good access to quality and affordable health care. This is particularly true for people that have been driven into homelessness by our miserly and inhumane social policies. This unique and compassionate project serves as a compelling model for the state and nation by bringing together talented multidisciplinary collaborators to provide a high standard of care anchored by a deep commitment to respect and human dignity.”  Dr. Anthony Iton
Senior Vice President, The California Endowment

“I’m so pleased we were able to secure state funding to support the Alameda Wellness Campus. This first-of-its-kind project providing healthcare, permanent supportive housing and end-of-life care for our county’s homeless residents, medically vulnerable and low-income seniors” 

Senator, Nancy Skinner
Senate District 9

“CHCF has been honored to support the Alameda Wellness Campus in pioneering a purpose-built model of integrated care and housing for medically vulnerable and older adults experiencing homelessness”.  Dr. Michelle Schneidermann 
Director of People Centered Care,
California Health Care Foundation

The Alameda Wellness Campus will initiate a new model of integrated care for our most medically vulnerable and unhoused residents, not only in Alameda County but potentially throughout California and the nation.    Colleen Chawla 
Director, Alameda Health Care Services Agency 

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