A new model of healing & wellness for the unhoused

The Alameda Wellness Campus will create one of the nation’s first comprehensive centers for medically vulnerable, homeless individuals

“This project is an innovative statement about who matters.”

Dr. Anthony Iton

Senior Vice President, The California Endowment 

Our 50-bed Medical Respite Center will offer recuperative care and on-site healthcare services for unhoused Alameda County residents 18 years and older who have complex medical conditions or need hospice care.

Our Medical Respite Program will provide 400 unhoused patients annually with:

  •  Recuperative care stays for health recovery
  •  Culturally affirming and trauma-informed medical and behavioral health services
  •  Dignified and compassionate hospice care 
  •  Assistance to secure stable housing and consistent primary care

LifeLong Medical Care’s Health Center will provide trauma-informed, culturally affirming and client-centered medical and behavioral health care services. The health center will serve medical respite patients and senior housing residents.

The service-enriched senior housing community will support 100 unhoused Alameda County residents 55 years and older to thrive. LifeLong Medical Care will offer case management, peer support and integrated health services. Lifelong will provide or organize wellness workshops, assistance with daily living, and palliative and hospice care.

The Homelessness Prevention Center will provide case management and assistance to prevent homelessness or secure stable housing placements for an estimated 200 unhoused or vulnerably housed residents of the City of Alameda annually.

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