Meet the Project Partners working together to create a new model of care for our unhoused neighbors

The Alameda Wellness Campus consists of three project partners: Alameda Point Collaborative (Project Lead), LifeLong Medical Care (Service Provider), and Mercy Housing (Housing Developer). We are working together to shape a truly transformative care model to address the chronic trauma and worsening health conditions experienced by unhoused residents of Alameda County.

LifeLong will be the health care and service provider for the Wellness Campus. LifeLong is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) with a 45-year history of providing medical, behavioral health, and social services for older adults and others with complex health needs. Today, over 66,000 low-income East Bay residents choose LifeLong as their healthcare provider. LifeLong’s extensive services for unhoused individuals include a primary care clinic (Trust Health Center), services at 14 supportive housing sites, a 27-bed medical respite program, and street medicine services providing health care in encampments in Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland.

Alameda Point Collaborative (APC) is the Project Sponsor and Lead for the Alameda Wellness Campus. Since 1999, APC has operated supportive housing communities for homeless individuals and families that include comprehensive wrap-around services. Supportive services such as case management, life skills building, paid on-the-job training at three social enterprises, two children and youth centers, resident leadership initiatives, and food security programs help residents attain self-sufficiency and pride. In addition to the Wellness Campus initiative, APC is rebuilding its 200 units of supportive housing and developing 157 additional supportive housing units with project partners.

Mercy Housing is the co-developer of our 100 unit permanent supportive housing community for unhoused seniors. Mercy Housing has developed, preserved, and/or financed approximately 50,000 affordable homes to benefit more than 152,000 residents. Mercy Housing is one of the nation’s largest affordable housing organizations and participates in the development, preservation, management, and financing of affordable, program-enriched housing across the country. In addition, Mercy acquires and renovates existing housing and develops new affordable rental properties. 

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