Addressing a vital community  need 

Unhoused who lack access to consistent or quality healthcare struggle with untreated health conditions. On average, homeless individuals die 25 years earlier than their housed peers

The Wellness Campus will be a great place for homeless people to go for housing, medical help, and the feeling of love.

Homeless people don’t feel accepted and refrain from getting care. This project will offer a beautiful place to heal.”

-Bennie Whitfield, Consumer Advocate and Former Medical Respite Patient

Alameda County is one of the Epicenters of Homelessness in the Nation

“I think it’s really important to note how desperately poor people are, and how much it is their poverty and the high housing costs that are leading to this crisis.”  Margot Kushel MD, Director of the  UCSF Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative

Our work, what we endeavor to do, is walk with people through a journey of building relationships and trust towards whatever version of health best matches the patient and alleviates their suffering. People are dying on the streets because they don’t have access to medical respite.” 

Dr. Jay Reinking

MD Physician,

LifeLong Trust Health Center

“Given a history of exclusionary policies, Alameda residents voted to affirm the Wellness Center. The project is a living embodiment of a commitment to address the structures that underlie homelessness. With this project, Alameda will be even more beautiful.”

Dr. Damon Francis, MD

Medical Director,

Homeless Health Center, Alameda Health System; Alameda resident

”Every life lost on the street is a preventable tragedy. The Wellness Campus will provide life-saving interventions for hundreds of medically vulnerable unhoused neighbors every year. The realization of this commuity vision is a collective triumph”

Bonnie Wolf 
Project Director,
Alameda Wellness Campus Project


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